Usage — perceval 0.7.3 documentation generates an error with “import perceval.components.unitary_components as comp”. I’ve got it installed and updated.

“ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘perceval.components.unitary_components’”

Python 3.9.13 on Windows

Hello @bsiegelwax
Could you please give us the output of:

pip show perceval-quandela
pip show quandelibc

They should display

Name: perceval-quandela
Version: 0.7.3


Name: quandelibc
Version: 0.6.0

if not, could you please force the update with this command:

pip install -U perceval-quandela

Hi Brian!
I wanted to reach out and ask if your issue has been resolved, or if there is anything else which we can help with? I’ve tested the online documentation, and can confirm that it is up to date. So it may be a problem with the Perceval or Python install.

Sorry for the delayed reply; I didn’t receive any notification of a response and was just about to follow up. I thought I had done a fresh install, but I now think I may have installed this a while ago. So, I ran the update and I’ve made some progress, so I’ll continue on with the tutorials and see what happens, thanks.

haha no worries! Glad it is behaving as expected now. Let us know if anything else pops up – happy to help!