Release of the Pseudo Photon Number Resolution (PPNR) feature for our quantum processor Ascella

The PPNR feature is now available for use on the first three modes of the QPU and its simulator. This powerful tool allows you to experiment with photon number resolution, paving the way for ground-breaking advancements in quantum algorithms and simulation.

Key highlights of this feature:

  • Up to 2-photon number resolution.
  • The probability to detect a 2-photon event is 50%.
  • The feature can be enabled with a simple line of code:
remote_qpu = pcvl.RemoteProcessor("qpu:sacella", token_qcloud)
remote_qpu.set_parameter("ppnr", [0, 1, 2])  # This one!
  • Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the Perceval forum, github, or Cloud support, to help improve the feature and uncover its full potential.

Stay tuned for the release of this feature on more modes!