Noisy simulation parameters

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I’m currently learning how to use Perceval, and I’d like to run a simulation with noisy parameters before trying to use the QPU’s. The remote interface for sim:ascella has a lot of parameters to do that, but it defaults to “ideal” simulations - phase imprecision set to zero, HOM set to 1.

Some of these values for the current Ascella system are shown on its platform page, but I can’t find the “phase imprecision” values. Where can we find them, or which values do you use to have a simulation close to the hardware capabilities?

I also saw that some of these parameters can be set for local simulations via the Source class - mainly the, well, source parameters :slightly_smiling_face:. But I couldn’t find the equivalent of “phase imprecision” options on the Simulator or Processor classes, nor on the BackendFactory. Is there a way to do local simulations equivalent to the ones on the remote simulators?


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You’re right, sim:ascella’s parameters default to a perfect simulation (except for source emission probability). Phase imprecision is pretty variable between different phase shifters, but if we have to give you a conservative value, it would be 1e-3 rad.

Local simulation does not automatically support phase imprecision. If you really need to simulate it locally, you’d have to take it into account while you’re building your interferometer.

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Thanks for the reply!

Ok, so I’d imagine that you can do a rough local noisy interferometer by adding a random noise when setting the parameter values of the phase shifters.