New Perceval Release : 0.5.0 - The Vermilion Armor

Hello Perceval users,

We are thrilled to announce a new release of Perceval

0.5.0 - The vermilion armor

In this release, you can discover new features such as:

  • rewriting rules
  • transfer_from method to transfer parameters between circuits
  • built-in optimization methods to find circuit parameters
  • add plug-in mechanism
  • random seed initializer for full reproduction of runs
  • built-in fidelity/frobenius metrics

You will also be able to play with a totally improved version:

  • Refactored symb library rendering with compact display option
  • option to reverse decomposition (vertically and/or horizontally)
  • new svg renderer

We let you see the other new features directly on Perceval.

To install it :
pip install --upgrade perceval-quandela