New Perceval Release : 0.4.1 - Encounter

Hello all,

We are proud to announce a new release of Perceval

0.4.1 - Encounter

which brings this all those new features and improvements :

  • fix pdisplay on int/float/complex
  • improve efficiency of building unitaries
  • optimize call to SLOS
  • extend random_unitary with provided random numbers
  • improve circuit rendering
  • improve triangle decomposition: possibility to pass 1 parameter unitary block, pass constraints on parameters to avoid phases when not necessary, values of parameters bound in the search, introduce identification of permutations
  • improve generic_interferometer implementation - new parameter to add phase layer and depth can be used to generate depth > m (see
  • improve polarization encoding to path encoding mapping - by allowing 2 orthogonal phases on each input modes
  • check parameter boundaries
  • more unit tests
  • optimization of permanent computation on Apple M1 (already present on Intel x86_64)

To install it :
pip install --upgrade perceval-quandela