MatrixN' object has no attribute 'm' on [sim, qpu]:ascella


I am trying to run the 2-modes Grover algorithm (from Perceval tutorial) on Quandela cloud and I am getting the error:

    "results": "'MatrixN' object has no attribute 'm'"

The algorithm runs correctly locally with Naive and SLOS processor.

Do you have any idea if I can do something ?

If it helps, here my job id:

Kind regards,


Hello Valentin,

Given the error you get from the cloud, it seems you’re sending a matrix rather than a circuit in the RemoteProcessor object you create.

Also, the implementation of the Grover algorithm in Perceval example uses a polarization encoding. You won’t be able to reproduce these results on our QPU as it does not support polarized components.
Still, you should be able to run the notebook on your local environment to reproduce the results.

Best wishes,