Generation of AnnotatedBasicState with lists

Hi there!
I am starting to get familiar with the library starting from photonic states generation.
Let’s imagine that I want to generate the state |{P:H}{P:V},0>. Looking at the documentation (Home/States/Annotated Basic State/Use of Annotation in AnnotatedBasicState), the following line should do it:

pcvl.AnnotatedBasicState( [ ({"P" : "H"} {"P" : "V"}), 0] ) 

it returns a SyntaxError: invalid syntax, though.
I know I could easily skip the problem just by using

pcvl.AnnotatedBasicState( "|{P:H}{P:V},0>" )  # str input


pcvl.AnnotatedBasicState([2, 0], {1:{"P" : "H"}, 2:{"P" : "V"} } )  # list input, annotating separately each photon

but, if my guess is correct, the documentation should be updated right?
Btw, awesome job guys!

Hello !

Thanks for your feedback. Good catch: this is a previous syntax we were playing with but that has been simplified.
I pushed a fix on the documentation. More generally we are ironing out a bit the documentation and a general update will be pushed next week. In the meantime feel free to report any inconsistency you may find.

Keep us updated on your experiments on Perceval!