Error while generating Fock States


I’m having struggle generating Fock States. Whenever I try for example : pcvl.FockState("|0,0,1,0,1,0>"). I receive AttributeError: ‘quandelibc.FockState’ object has no attribute ‘has_polarization’. I found no track of attribute ‘has_polarization’ in the documentation.

Thanks in advance for your time

Hello, use of pcvl.FockState has been deprecated (since our pre-release) and you should use pcvl.BasicState instead.

Just so that we can double check on our side: in which context did you get the message about has_polarization?
Also, did you find pcvl.FockState in our documentation ? We will make sure we will make this disappear.

Thanks !

Hello, I didn’t find pcvl.FockState in Perceval documentation but in a notebook sent by Nicolas Heurtel (after his presentation in CentraleSupélec) before the release. I didn’t figure out it was deprecated. I just tried it in a simple case because I thought it would make a difference with pcvl.BasicState:

simulator= pcvl.BackendFactory().get_backend(“SLOS”)(cnot)
input_state = pcvl.FockState("|0,0,1,0,1,0>")

Anyway, thank you again for your attention.