Scaleway Session

class perceval.providers.scaleway.Session(platform, project_id, token, deduplication_id='', max_idle_duration_s=1200, max_duration_s=3600, url='')
  • platform (str) – platform on which circuits will be executed

  • project_id (str) – UUID of the Scaleway Project the session is attached to

  • token (str) – authentication token required to access the Scaleway API

  • deduplication_id (str) – optional value, name mapping to a unique running session, allowing to share an alive session amongs multiple users

  • max_idle_duration_s (int) – optional value, duration in seconds that can elapsed without activity before the session terminates

  • max_duration_s (int) – optional value, duration in seconds for a session before it automatically terminates

  • url (str) – optional value, endpoint URL of the API


Build a RemoteProcessor object given the session data

Return type: